This is what you need to know when Building a Home Gym

A home gym is a set of training equipment that simulates a traditional gym but on a smaller scale and focuses more on your needs. It includes similar equipment that exists in external training spaces. 

The home gym varies in size functions according to user tastes, which will allow you to exercise in the comfort of your home. This article will be a guide to the essential aspects that you must consider before making a portable home gym.

What kind of athlete are you?

To correctly answer this question, you must know yourself before anything else. This is one of the main points to consider when starting our gym at home. You do not need much to set up your own gym, but you must have a room, even a small one, dedicated to it. 

What are you going to use the gym for at home?

What type of training are you going to design? The needs of an athlete who only trains cardioexercise bike, with a runner or elliptical machine, will never be compared to the athlete who trains his muscles every day to increase his volume or the user who likes to alternate and combine both workouts.

There is special equipment for each type of training. For this reason, the circuits that are carried out in the gyms, passing from one machine to another, complement the routine of the day. 

So, if your goal is to do the same at home, it must be kept in mind when preparing our list of exercises. On the other hand, if you only want to sweat a little, this will be easier.

How often do you practice sports?

It is another variable to consider when considering the idea of ​​having your own gym at home. For less disciplined sports users who only exercise occasionally, having a few elements allows them to train and profit based on their own pace. Similarly, paying for a gym would be a waste of money.

Time is a critical point that will determine the type of gym in each of each user. That same athlete profile will hardly need a few training tools to complete their sporadic exercise plans, reducing unnecessary expenses. 


Muhammad Ali American boxer“Champions are not made in gyms; they are made of something immaterial that they have within them. It is a wish, a dream, a vision ”.

What type of home gym do you need?

This factor is explained with the answers to several of the previous points. It is key to making an informed decision. Therefore, it is important to be clear about our exercise routine and to know well what type of exercises we are going to practice. 

If we include the bench press, dead lifts, and squats, we will be training many muscles with just three exercises. Thus, we will not need too complex infrastructure to take advantage of our home gym.

What space do you have at home?

A 40 square meter apartment, a 140 square meter flat, or a multi-story house or large garage is not the same. Therefore, the size of our home gym will be directly conditioned and proportional to the space we have for its assembly.

If we were to move from home to a larger one, we would always have the possibility of expanding our gym. It is also essential to have a separate, well-ventilated room for exercise without distraction and avoid the concentration of odors due to perspiration.

FAQ about a portable home gym

What are the best machines to exercise at home?


The stepper is a small fitness device with which you train on a kind of step that will allow you to do different exercises. The objectives of training with a stepper are mainly to work the cardiovascular system and the aerobic capacity gaining endurance.

The stepper, while working on the muscular system, allows you to lose weight and tone your lower body. It is a beneficial device to model your figure, it takes up little space at home, and you should include it in your home gym. You can even take it with you on a trip, which you cannot do with other fitness machines.


If you are someone who likes to run but is too lazy to go outside, especially in winter, you need a treadmill in your home gym. Treadmills have become the hottest fitness machine for cardio. Of course, running on the treadmill is not the same as running on the street, but it can help you improve your running technique.

Elliptical bike

The elliptical bike is probably another one of the machines that you have seen in all the gyms since it is perfect for working the whole body. It is a fitness machine composed of two bases where you have to place your feet and two hand grips that will help you keep your arms moving while you are practicing the exercise.

Exercise bike

The exercise bicycle or stationary bicycle is the same as a standard bicycle having function to transport. The stationary bike carries the force and effort to perform walking a certain distance. 

It is also a super complete fitness machine for your home gym. The exercise bike has many benefits, such as improving your cardiovascular rate, burning calories, increasing blood pressure, toning the muscles of the legs and buttocks, etc.

Portable Home Gyms

Portable Home Gyms are great resistance workouts that simulate the bulky equipment at the gym. They are compact which makes a great for small spaces. In addition, you can do various exercises that easily workout the upper body and lower body. This a great way to do resistance workouts and burn calories.

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