OYO Personal Gym Review

OYO Personal Gym is a useful product with its many extraordinary qualities, including portability and others, which are discussed in this article. After this global pandemic situation, one thing, which we have to pay attention to, is giving home services and online services, and for that matter OYO Personal Gym will provide you with the required satisfaction. During quarantine, when you cannot go to public places such as the gym, a better way to still keep up your exercise routine is to buy a portable home gym.

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Main Features of the OYO Personal Gym


To be productive by being just home is the real challenge, and taking care of your mental and physical health has to be your priority. To save up your time and make it worth your while, OYO fitness has given you a product such as a personal home gym, which provides you with all the needed work out by being at home. Its portability will save space, so if you have a small apartment, you have nothing to worry about.

OYO Personal Gym has Spiraflex Technology

After the spiraflex technology, workouts have become more comfortable and easy. They have seemingly replaced weights, and it is of great use for all the astronauts to keep them fit and healthy. It helps you out in building strong muscles in the easiest way possible. For burning fats and giving you immense relaxation, OYO Personal Gym should be bought. Exercise can boost your mood and energy, which will positively affect your daily routine, so; you should try this appliance before you get tired of living the same boring life.

Multi-Purpose Home Gym

There are different sorts of exercises that can be done with the OYO personal gym. It includes both upper and lower body workout—most popular exercises which are usually being done on this home gym kit. Squats, bicep curls, kickback, lunges, and many more can be made easily with the OYO personal gym.

No Batteries or charging is required

Although it has two kinds of packages that you can order, its basic packages have all the needed tools to build your body. It certainly does not require any battery or charging cables.

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BASIC PACKAGE: Includes (1) 5-pound and (2) 10-pound FlexPacks (25 pounds of resistance). The basic version DOES NOT INCLUDE LEG OR DOOR ANCHORS. Comes with a Nutrition Guide and free online access to over 60 workout and 197 exercise videos.

TOTAL BODY PACKAGE: Includes (1) 5-pound and (2) 10-pound FlexPacks (25 pounds of resistance). Includes Leg and Door Anchors, Nutrition Guide, and free online access to over 60 workout and 197 exercise videos.

Customer Reviews

An essential Review is from astronauts because Dr. Leroy Chiao used the OYO personal gym before going into space, and it kept him healthy so, when he returned, he was in great shape. According to some of the reviews, it has low resistance, and the quality of this home gym is not up to the mark, but around 60% of OYO users have given it five stars. More than half of them think that the OYO personal gym has been the right choice for them.

OYO Personal Gym

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OYO Personal Gym is a versatile, durable gym kit with its lightweight nature and steel frame. It saves you from the excuse of not going to the gym because this one is available at your side at any time of the day. You should see for yourself the positive changes that OYO Personal Gym will give to your body. For that, buy it as soon as possible for you.

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