BodyGym Core System Portable Home Gym Review

Having your home gym can be an excellent facility for you because it will save you the trouble of deciding to go to your usual gym. I might say that a regular gym can be troublesome. It is hard to get to your regular gym when you have a hectic schedule ahead of you, but when portable home gyms come in the picture, it will create easiness for you. It can save much of your most needed time, and you can save money. It can provide you the privacy that you will want sometimes, and most importantly, you can exercise whenever you want because of no time barrier. BodyGym Core System can be the right choice for you. It consists of a full-body workout kit with the necessary fitness tool and a workout DVD. Enlisting its features can help you decide in its favor.

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Main Features of the BodyGym Core System

Portable Gym

The first thing that makes it worth buying because of its portability. You can take it with you to a park or some other place and can change your environment accordingly. A portable gym can add relaxation into your busy life by giving you a quality, comforted, and desired gym at home. It is an extremely lightweight gym kit with minimal installation design. The patented bar is around 3 pounds in weight, making it convenient to take it with you almost anywhere.

Bodygym Core System has Adjustable Parts

The most highlighted feature of this home gym is its adjustable parts. It contains the famous resistance band, which allows you to perform hundreds of gym-quality exercises almost anywhere. This easy to adjust resistance band will enable you to customize your workout to the right level. They are designed for all men and women at all levels of fitness. Resistance can easily rise by rolling the bar towards yourself.

Easy To Use for the Disabled Ones

It is easy to understand, and it can be put together in a couple of minutes, which saves up your time and energy. The underline feature of this system is its quality of being advantageous for the disabled ones. They can do different exercises by sitting in a comfortable place in a comfortable position.

BodyGym Core System Portable Home Gym


  • The Patented BodyGym Bar
  • High-Quality Latex Resistance Band
  • Workout Sticker Guide
  • Travel Bag
  • Tape Measure
  • BodyGym Workout Guidebook
  • Targeted Workouts DVD
  • Move With Marie DVD


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Customer Opinions

The BodyGym Core System has mixed customer reviews, but mostly it has positive reviews from its buyers, saying that they feel satisfied with the product. However, they felt hesitant buying it first, but while using the device soon it started to feel like the right choice. The excellent delivery within minimum time and the price of the product, both are amazing. It is undoubtedly fun and provides entertainment through the given DVDs. In short, it is an exceptional home gym.

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