EFITMENT Magnetic Elliptical Machine Trainer w/LCD Monitor and Pulse Rate Grips

EFITMENT Magnetic Elliptical Machine Trainer is a simple as heck machine but can do wonders for your health and body. Once you know the details, you will realize why you should get it as soon as possible. With this elliptical machine, the trainer is great for maintaining weight. Back in the days, there was healthy food and almost nonexistent junk food. However, these days junk food is abundantly available and at a lesser price than healthy food. Not only food is responsible for our unhealthy body but our routine also. We barely have time for ourselves and thus our bodies.

That is why technology has provided us with multiple solutions to keep ourselves fit even when we cannot go out of our house. It doesn’t matter if you are too busy to gear up and go for a workout correctly or if you don’t have a park or gym nearby, we have a solution for that. Exercise machines are pretty standard and give excellent results if used properly.

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Main Features of the EFITMENT Magnetic Elliptical Machine Trainer

Compact Machine

In the collection of exercise machines, you will only find a few ones as compact as this. It is only a few inches long with its footprint design. Now even if you are living in a small space like a studio apartment, a flat, or a small room, it will surely fit perfectly in a corner.

EFITMENT Magnetic Elliptical Machine Trainer is Easy to Move

Most exercise machines you will find are huge and thus difficult to move. They usually need at least two people to take it from one place to another. However, this one is extremely easy to move in terms of exercise machines. It has two wheels in its front rod. All you have to do is lift the elliptical end a little, and now you can smoothly move the machine from one place to another at another.

Digital Display

The machine has a small monitor. This monitor is beneficial for your progress. It displays your time on the device; calories burned, scans, pulse rate, and machine speed. You can also reset it whenever you like.

Full Body Workout

The Equipment is not dedicated to only one part of your body. It provides you with a full-body intense workout. The level of resistance by machine can be increased or decreased by using the tension knob. If you don’t feel like doing upper body workout, it can be left out using the non-movable handles.

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  • Max User Weight: 220 lbs
  • Digital Monitor: Yes
  • Stride Length: 13″
  • Foot Pedal Q-Factor: 12″
  • Pulse Monitor: Yes
  • Resistance Levels: Yes
  • Tension System: Magnetic
  • Transport Wheels: Yes
  • Product Weight: 80.5 lbs
  • Product Dimensions: 50L x 23.5W x 62H

EFITMENT Magnetic Elliptical Machine Trainer

Customer Opinions

This EFITMENT Magnetic Elliptical Machine Trainer easy to use and affordable as well. It can also bear weights up to 220 lbs. However, it is only suitable for shorter people and has a small stride, unlike in a gym elliptical.

The machine is overall a great and easy tool to keep you fit in your busy routine. The fact that elliptical provides you with a full-body workout saves you from buying any other machine. However, you should keep one thing in mind that it is best suited for short people and beginners.

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