How to Buy the Best Elliptical Machine

Elliptical machines are used for performing cardiovascular exercises. It is one of the most used in gyms and has been specially designed to work all the body’s muscles simultaneously.

The peculiarity of this device is that exercise does not become cumbersome. Many people decide to buy it, not only to tone the body but also because it provides many contributions to health. But there are many points that you must consider before purchasing elliptical machines. Here we will tell all the important points that you must consider before buying this machine.


The main feature that makes elliptical machines so popular is that they allow you to achieve results very similar to what you would get running or walking but without the damaging impact on the joints. These machines come with a resistance and braking system that gives that feeling of the smooth and light ride as if you were floating. 

When buying an elliptical machine, you must verify that this feature is present. Elliptical’s with a magnetic braking system are highly recommended, although some have an air system, which can be cheaper.


The elliptical machines are designed to exercise the whole body; that is, you will not only manage to tone your legs but also your arms and shoulders. However, to achieve this, it is essential to choose that machine which offers comfort, since, like all cardio bikes, it involves using it for long and continuous periods. 

Therefore, the handlebar must be ergonomic, with padded or rubber grips. The pedals should be wide and non-slip. The poles should also be adjustable in height so that your posture is kept as straight as possible when exercising.


When choosing an elliptical machine, it is essential to consider stability. It is not recommended that the machine produce some vibration when using it, as this will prevent you from concentrating and getting the most out of your routine. 

To verify this factor, you must take into account the materials of manufacture, since you will guarantee greater stability since the more robust they are. It would be best if you also looked at the bases, which must be non-slip but on the wheel. This will make the bike stable, but easy to transport.


Remember that, when training with an elliptical machine, you will be doing an activity that involves cardiovascular effort. So, it is necessary that you have to control it in real-time. The screen control all the variables of your training. Such as time, calories, speed, distance, and, most importantly, the pulse. If your machine doesn’t have a control console or display, you run the risk of trying harder than you should and seriously affecting your health. Therefore, when buying an elliptical machine, check the quality and functionality of the console. 

Flywheel weight

The flywheel offers more or less resistance while pedaling, adding, or removing intensity to the exercise. The more weight the steering wheel has, the more fluid pedaling and the more weight the user can support.

Easy to carry

One of the advantages that an elliptical offer is that you can exercise from the comfort of your home, so the machine should be, as far as possible, light and easy to move. 

You can exercise in the space that you like, for example, by watching TV and spotting a landscape through the window. In short, you can have endless possibilities to make your routine something fun, relaxing, and safe. The elliptical machines with wheels are highly recommended, as they help a lot when moving them.

Maximum supported weight

It is necessary to take into account the weight of the users who will train on the machine. Depending on the range of weights, we must choose a device that supports up to a specific pounds.

If we did not pay attention to this variable, we could significantly shorten the device’s useful life since we could end up damaging the motor.

FAQ about elliptical machines

What is the difference between elliptical and other machines?

The exercises that elliptical machines allow are through oval or elliptical movements. This means that its movement is very similar to that of a conventional bicycle. Still, unlike this, the legs do not receive such an aggressive impact.

The main difference that this machine has with others found in fitness centers is that it works the whole body, while the others could work specific parts.

What are the types of elliptical machines?

There are four types of them, which are:

  • The rear-wheel-drive elliptical: In this type of machine, the steering wheel is located in the back, which provides greater inertia, which translates into a smooth and comfortable ride. It includes fewer moving parts, which means that it does not need constant maintenance and repairs.
  • The front-drive elliptical: Unlike the previous one, the steering wheel is located in the front, so the movement it provides is flatter. It is perfect for those users who have longer strides, as they can do it with more comfort.
  • Central traction elliptical: The steering wheel is central so that the user will deposit all their weight in that part. At the same time, the other mechanisms are left to the side. This allows having a more reliable and resistant base. This type of device is usually smaller than the rear-wheel drive and front-wheel drive.
  • Outdoor elliptical: It is ideal for those athletes who prefer to do their workouts outdoors, instead of indoors, and, in the same way, provides the same benefits as the others.

How much space does an elliptical machine take up?

It depends on the type of machine and the specific model. Some are usually smaller, and others are larger, so you should always think about where you will have to locate. In general, the size of the bike will define comfort.

It would help if you also thought that when you finish exercising, leave the machine where it is or, conversely, have to keep it. So, the most recommended is to take all this into account. 

How to use an elliptical machine to burn fat?

Elliptical machines can help increase your heart rate, without causing significant impacts than when running naturally. Large amounts of calories are burned and depending on the fit, tension, and inclination, you can increase endurance, have greater body strength, or better muscle tone.

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