MaxKare Folding Electric Treadmill Review

MaxKare Folding Electric Treadmill features a large LCD display with 15-pre-set programs that help you keep track of your vitals during training plus adds variety to the workouts. It has a simple folding system with an automated landing system. Also, the speed and heart handrail monitor are a nice touch so you can keep track of how hard you are working out and control the speed. Plus, it has a powerful motor with multiple speed levels and three-Manual Adjustable inclines which helps with the intensity of the workouts.

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Main Features for the Maxfare Treadmill:

Large LCD Display and 15 Pre-set programs

The Large LCD Display is easy to use with a one-touch system. Turn on the treadmill, then select the speed you want and walk or run to it. It’s simple to keep track of your entire workout data in real-time. Such as how fast you are walking or running, the time of the exercise, how many calories you have burned, the miles of the run and your heart rate. The 15 Pre-set programs allow you to add difficulty levels to the workout. So you control the energy levels of the training.

Powerful and Pure Copper Motor and Manual Adjustable Incline

The powerful and pure copper motor is smooth and quiet with a high torque 2.5HP motor which allows you to change the treadmill speeds between 0.5 – 8.5mph.

The manual adjustable inclines have 3 Degrees. Option 1 is a 0-degree incline, which is great for brisk walking, jogging, and slow walking. Option 2 is 1 degree, this is nice for fast walking, and jogging. Option 3 is 2 degrees, which is good enough for sloped running, fast walking or jogging.

These options are fitting to add to any cardio regimen to help burn calories.

Simple-Folding Design for the Maxfare Treadmill

The simple folding design allows the treadmill to be stored and with the transportation wheels it can be moved easily. When the base of the treadmill is lifted upright it locks automatically. To lower the base just hit the latch and the base will automatically lower itself. This is a hands-free process, which protects you from getting hurt.


  • Power: 2.5HP
  • Speed: .5 – 8.5mph
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 220LBS
  • Running Area Size: 43x17inch
  • Folding Size: 28.47×26.18×46.42inch
  • Unfolding Size: 53.39×26.18×45.95inch
  • Product weight: 91 lbs
  • Screen Display: Large, Programs, Time, Speed, Mileage, Calories and Heart Rate
  • Warranty Information

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Customer Opinions:

Most Customers agree that the MaxKare Folding Electric Treadmill is an excellent purchase. Overall it has more Pros than Cons according to the reviews online.

Some Reviews mentioned that the handle bars seem a little low and the treadmill may not be for someone tall. In addition, the belt seems a little thin. This worried some customers of how long the belt will last.

But customers loved that It’s easy to assemble with an avg time of about 1-2 hrs. The Large LED screen is easy to see especially at night. It does not occupy a lot of space plus it is easy to move because of the roller wheels and the unit is light. The Running length and width is excellent and the treadmill is super quiet. A lot of the customers were extremely happy with the company’s customer service. The company responds quickly and tries to resolve issues swiftly.

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