How to Buy the Best Treadmills

The treadmills are the most popular home fitness equipment. This type of machinery brings the benefits of continuous running. You can also check every detail speed, incline, and ventilation on these machines.

This type of machine allows you to exercise without being affected by inclement weather. But choosing the right treadmill mode is a little difficult. Here we will tell you a few features that you consider while buying treadmills.


This feature is related to the use that you are going to give to the treadmill. If you are a beginner and only want to do light workouts, all you have to do is buy a treadmill that goes up to 10 km per hour. If, on the other hand, you are already at a more professional level, we recommend buying a treadmill that reaches at least 16 km per hour. Also, those who already have the training, inclined functions are the best option for those people.

Engine Power

The motor is the one that allows movement on an electric treadmill. The motor will determine the constant speed of the exercise. The higher the speed of the treadmill, the more power the engine will need. 

It would be best to analyze both continuous and point power at a point of acceleration at this point. How quiet your new equipment is will also depend on the engine. 

Running Surface

The running surface is essential for any treadmill. Even if you are looking for a cheap electric treadmill, it will be necessary to take the broadest possible surface. You can choose the surface according to the space you can have. If you are taller, you will need more surface for a greater stride.

Larger surfaces, both length, and width allow for a greater exercise area and support higher weights. The material it is made of will depend on its ability to absorb impact and its durability over time.


This feature is significant to keep in mind before buying a treadmill. Cushioning is essential to avoid injury when training. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain a treadmill that provides some cushioning system. This system also protects the joints from possible injuries.

Inclination Levels

We are talking here about the possibility of tilting the surface to perform different exercises. You can adjust the inclination level both manually and automatically. This level also allows you to work your muscles differently than flat walking.

Damping System 

The impact of the joints when walking and running will depend on this system. In general, it varies from one team to another, and according to the discipline you need to use, being softer to walk and more resistant to run takes advantage of the momentum. 


This feature will depend directly on two factors: the weight and materials of the machine on one side and size on the other. Therefore, if you need more stability, then you also need more space to locate the treadmill. 

Screen / Monitor

As for this feature, you should be very attentive to the quality and format of the screen. The number of variables that will allow you to monitor during your exercise involves speed, calories burned, routine time, distance, frequency cardiac, and others. 

Folding system

If you decided on a folding treadmill, you must verify that the folding system is of good quality. It will depend on whether you can store the machine without problems. The hydraulic systems are highly recommended since they require the least effort to operate. It is also important that the belt has wheels, rear or front, to move easily once folded.

Price-quality ratio

Many people who want to start a training routine eventually give up because they think that this type of equipment is always expensive. However, this is not true. There are treadmills on the market that may seem costly, but if you compare their price with what you would have to pay to go to the gym, for example, you will realize that buying a treadmill can be the best investment. 

A wide variety of models have been designed for beginners and perform only the essential functions needed to achieve an effective workout, which is significantly cheaper. Therefore, when buying, take into account that you can take advantage of a good value for money.

FAQ about Treadmills

What are treadmills?

They are practical tools that are useful for exercising at home or in small spaces, without having to invest so much time or money. They are quality products, intuitive and easy to use, they give you different levels of speed and resistance for you to evolve, and it is comfortable when it needs to be stored.

How to use a treadmill?

It is effortless to use the treadmill, sometimes it has attached training programs, but it is not something to worry yourself over. The important thing is to follow the instructions with accuracy and determination to obtain good results. These are following steps that you should follow to use the machine properly:

  • Warm-up: you should never start doing any activity without stretching and warming up your body; you can start walking slowly for a few minutes to warm up.
  • Position: in these machines, it is recommended to adopt an erect position. That is, you must keep your shoulders and arms aligned, thus keeping the work rhythm.
  • Choose a routine: you can choose a training routine by changing or changing it, considering that you must put effort into what you think your body can resist.
  • Modify the speed: during the exercise routine increase the intensity or lower it, play with it so that your body demands as much as possible.
  • Stretch the muscles: at the end of your routine, remember to stretch your muscles, especially the lower body.

How do I clean my treadmill?

To start cleaning your treadmill, the first thing you should do is to disconnect it from the plug, then carefully clean each of the components of the product, and avoid any damage. 

In this way, removing dust is vital, since it could cause an overheating of the motor. With the help of a vacuum cleaner, you can suck each particle on the treadmill comfortably while a damp cloth cleans the handrails and accessories.

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