Fitness Reality 1000 Magnetic Rower Machine Review

Fitness Reality 1000 is a rowing machine that comes with the free application and offers you a full-body workout. Fitness should be the primary goal of every individual as it reduces the risk of diseases. To cope with this problem, we have brought you a Fitness Reality Magnetic Rower Machine; This machine will help save your precious time. It has an LCD to track the performance, and you will also find the 14 different resistance levels.

The benefit of having a Fitness Reality Magnetic Rower Machine at your home is that you don’t have to face the problems, that you meet at the gym like, no crowd, wearing what you want, no germs, no wastage of money and you are free to work out according to your mood.

Enjoy your workout while staying at home with the Fitness Reality Magnetic Rower Machine.

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Main Features of the Fitness Reality 1000 Magnetic Rower Machine

Full-Body Workout 

This single machine will help in full-body workout targets arms, forearms, shoulder, thigh, calf, abdomen, upper neck, and lower back. It provides a fabulous way to get a full-body workout.

This rowing machine keeps you healthy, lowers the risks of many diseases, increases fat metabolism, strengthens your muscle, and helps you to stay healthy forever.

Size and dimensions 

Fitness Reality Magnetic Rower is straightforward to store as it is folded able. It will take less space, unlike any other rower machine, easy to set up and less likely to damage. Folded size (39.5″L × 21.5″W × 53.5″H) seat height 9.5-12 inches. It is designed to support up to 250 lbs weight capacity.

Fitness Reality 1000 Magnetic Rower Machine has Bluetooth Connectivity and Comfort 

A smart cloud Bluetooth system allows for tracking all the exercise records and displays on large 3.5″ LCD and maintains the workout detail with ease of connection. A smart cloud Bluetooth system app is also available on iOS and android and helps you to track exercise and workout results.

The best feature of the rowing machine is a separate independent seat with large contoured cushion (13.5″L × 11″W) and energy dissipated unit that will make you feel comfortable and free to move.

The 21.5″ extra-wide grip handlebar contains a foam which provides a comfortable grip for the different exercises of the upper body.

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  • Dimensions: 88.5” L x 21.5” W x 21.5” H; 63.6 lbs.
  • Folded Dimensions: 39.5” L x 21.5” W x 53.5” H
  • 14 Level Dual Transmission Tension
  • 21.5” EXTRA WIDE GRIP Foam Handlebar
  • Bluetooth Smart Cloud Fitness
  • Additional Exercise Foot Pads
  • Large Contoured Cushion Seat
  • Slide Rail Inseam: 39”
  • Folds for Storage

Fitness Reality 1000 Magnetic Rower Machine

Customer Opinions

The Fitness reality 1000 Magnetic Rower Machine is an affordable rowing machine that strengthens your muscles. It will make your body look great. Also, it will increase core strength and flexibility. However. The intensive workout, in the beginning, makes your muscle sore and becomes stiff due to the accumulation of lactic acid and causes muscle fatigue.

If you are at the beginning of your journey, Fitness Reality Magnetic Rower Machine will keep you motivated to achieve your goal since the exercise on this machine is simple for all ages.

The rowing machine is the best of all cardiovascular machines, effectively raises the heart rate and provides high aerobic as well as anaerobic workout. It is not that expensive; anyone can easily afford it. It will keep your muscles healthy and a perfect cardiovascular system because it will dilate blood vessels and improve blood flow all around the body.

It is a straightforward machine, and it will come with a manual, which will help you understand the machine properly within 45 minutes.

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