GOPLUS 2-in-1 Treadmill Review

The GOPlus 2-IN-1 Treadmill is ultra-quiet under the desk treadmill. It is perfect for providing a sports environment while you are working or you have a small living area. The ultra-quiet motor works in your favor for not disturbing anyone around.

The motor it has is 2.25 HP. Moreover, the running belt is a shock-absorbing belt comprising 5-layers that provide comfort to your back, joints, legs, and ankles as well. So, now instead of gaining extra weight and giving excuses to exercise, start exercising while working. This under the desk treadmill is the perfect option to opt for.

The GOPLUS 2-IN-1 treadmill will satisfy you in multiple ways. You can either walk on this under-desk Treadmill at the speed of 1-4 km/hour or run at the rate of 1-12 km/hour.

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Main Features of the GOPLUS 2-IN-1 Treadmill

Foldable Machine 

This particular feature allows you to fold it according to the needs and offers two different folding modes. You can use it while working by folding the riser like an under-desk treadmill at a lower speed. On the other hand, you can raise handrails and increase the speed to achieve the desired fitness goals once you’re done working. Use the way according to your moods and needs.

Noiseless Machine

Make the most of this Treadmill as it will not disturb your neighbors and family members. You can even put it in your office. It has a 2.25HP Quiet motor that will not bother your colleagues while you are on it. Moreover, this machine is designed with shock reduction power quality and multi-layered steel frame. Due to these qualities, you don’t have to think before using it as it is super comfortable and quieter.

LED Display

Remove the dust from your jogging shoes as it is a multitasking and multi functioning machine. Its spacious running area will not tire you or your body while running. Furthermore, an LED display tells the time, speed, and will inform the calories you burn in a single day. In this way, you don’t need to stand on the weighing machine every day to check the weight you lost.

Pocket Free Machine

You don’t need to put your music player in your pocket while walking/running on this. It comes with a phone holder so that you can change the music whenever you feel like it. Another exceptional feature is the remote that allows you to stop the machine immediately during emergencies.

GOPLUS 2-IN-1 Treadmill is a Movable Exercise tool

Don’t worry if you are alone at home and want to exercise in your favorite room. It has built-in wheels that allow you to move it anytime and anyplace you prefer to.

GOPLUS 2-in-1 Treadmill


  • Material: ABS
  • Overall Dimension: 49”x 27”x 42”
  • Folding Dimension: 52”x 27”x 5”
  • Running Area Size: 40″ x16″
  • Weight Capacity: 265 lbs
  • Speed: 1-12km/h
  • Control Method: Controller
  • Package Included: 1x Treadmill, 1x Remote Control, 1x Phone Holder, 1x Safety Key, 1x Power Cord

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Customer Opinions: 

According to the customers, the GOPLUS 2-IN-1 Treadmill is a user-friendly product with the running belt of the dimensions 40”x16”. It also has an IEC certificate by SGS, which is excellent.

The GOPLUS 2In1 Treadmill is reasonably priced and makes it affordable for everyone. This is by far the most convenient and comfortable exercise equipment for fitness freaks and beginners.

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