Bowflex Max Trainer 8 Series Review

Are you now worried that in your busy routine, how will you make time for the gym? One of the best training machines is the great Bowflex Max Trainer 8. It is an extraordinary kind of machine.

How well does it feel to have a good life? A life where you are on the peak of success, an experience where you earn good and eat well. If you also have a life where you have almost all the necessities of life very quickly, you are doing it right. However, are you doing it right if your health is not your topmost priority? If it is still not, then you have taken a wrong turn at life. No matter how successful you become, if you cannot do your health right, then success becomes useless.

But, better late than never! You can always make your health the topmost priority. You will know how the Bowflex Max Trainer will help with everyday exercise once you are done reading the features.

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Main Features of the Bowflex Max Trainer 8 Series


Whatever product is bought these days, people usually note the space it takes. With homes becoming smaller and minimalist, small size appliances are the most preferred. It is precisely how Max Trainer 8 is suited for small spaces. The Max trainer series is compact and saves a lot of space. The machine can be easily put in any corner of the room or home.

Digital Display

The digital display is not usual but quite advanced. It is available in dual modes that are LCD and LED. The screen helps you keep a record of your workout and shows the progress. You can adjust workout time and set it on your own. The screen is the Samsung Galaxy Tab. It is operated through an app. This app keeps all your records through an armband heart rate monitor. Through these gadgets, Max suggests different workouts. No matter if you only want to start at a beginner level, it has a workout starting from just 4 minutes. Workout modes are automatically set with your progress. It makes customized workouts as per your stamina. The machine also already has seven in-built workout programs.

Bowflex Max Trainer 8 allows Different Profiles

All your family is a workout enthusiast? Well, worry not; the tabs let you set 4 different profiles. It will separately maintain the progress of each user. This feature will not hinder the machine’s or tab’s efficiency in any way. Max 8 is an ultimate package for a workout. It is built keeping in mind all the perspective. They have taken care of every customer’s needs through this feature. The difficulty level can be set according to the user’s stamina. It caters to the requirement of both beginners and experts.

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  • Item Weight: 148.00 lbs
  • Interactive full color back-lit display and magnetic media rack for tablet or smartphone
  • Bluetooth heart rate compatible and integrated contact grips
  • 20 levels of resistance
  • Multi-grip, dynamic handles
  • Sports performance pedals
  • Workout Programs: 7
  • User Profiles: 4

Bowflex Max Trainer 8

Customer reviews

This Max trainer does not take much space. This gives you a real workout. Even in the easiest setting, it’s pretty tough. will provide the stats of the workout also, according to the customers it is the max Intelligence App which is easy to use. However, it is a bit expensive and only has a 90 days Labor Warranty.

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The Bowflex Max Trainer 8 in all aspects is more than excellent. It is good even if you are starting a workout, and it is useful if you are going to extend your home gym. Max 8, with its artificial intelligence, will make your workout more comfortable and exciting. However, it is a significant investment, so you should stay committed if you don’t want your money gone to waste.

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